Sentence Production Training in Aphasia

Study Description:
The purpose of this study is to better understand language learning processes in persons with aphasia. In this NIH-funded project, our goal is to develop novel treatment for persons with aphasia for improving sentence production and comprehension.
Aphasia Friendly Study Description:
We are inviting persons with aphasia after stroke to take part in a language training study. During the sessions you will be asked to complete a set of tasks, such as describing pictures you see on a computer screen, reading or repeating sentences. The study is offered in person (location: West Lafayette, IN or Indianapolis, IN) and virtual options are available.
Inclusion / Exclusion Criteria:
Inclusionary: -aphasia as a result of left hemisphere stroke -between 21-80 years of age -no history of other neurological conditions besides stroke (Parkinson’s disease or dementia, etc.) -native speaker of English -If participating remotely, stable internet connection is required via laptop or desktop computer (no iPads please). Final eligibility to be determined from phone screening and comprehensive language testing sessions.
Principal Investigator:
Jiyeon Lee
Contact Email:
Observational or Treatment:
Type of Treatment:
Duration of Study:
Participants will complete 6-11 sessions including eligibility and follow up session. Sessions are approximately 2 hours each. Study participation will last approximately 3-4 weeks.
Study Start Date:
August 1, 2021
Study End Date:
May 30, 2026
Costs or Reimbursement:
Sentence production training
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