Development of the Brief Cope for Aphasia

Study Description:
We are developing a coping questionnaire for persons with aphasia. Currently there are none that are aphasia friendly and standardized on persons with aphasia. This questionnaire is greatly needed to help address mental health needs of persons with aphasia.
Aphasia Friendly Study Description:
To better help people cope with aphasia we are making a coping questionnaire for persons with aphasia. This will allow therapists to help persons with aphasia.
Inclusion / Exclusion Criteria:
Inclusion for persons with aphasia: Over the age of 18 years, history of left hemisphere stroke, existing diagnosis of aphasia, normal speech and language prior to stroke, no history of other neurological disease, have internet connectivity and a computer Inclusion for care partners: Over the age of 18 years, caring for someone with aphasia, self-report no history of neurological disease or communication disorder, have internet connectivity and a computer.
Principal Investigator:
Jacqueline Laures-Gore
Contact Email:
Observational or Treatment:
Type of Treatment:
Duration of Study:
The study is conducted during one visit on a virtual platform. 30 minutes for care partners; up to 90 minutes for persons with aphasia.
Study Start Date:
September 23, 2019
Study End Date:
May 31, 2025
Costs or Reimbursement:
No costs incurred or reimbursement
IRB Approval #
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