Inner speech as a predictor of improved naming after speech therapy in persons with aphasia

Study Description:
The purpose of this study is to understand “inner speech” (knowing the name for something in your head) predicts how you name objects aloud after speech therapy. This study will require ~22 hours across five weeks. You will be asked to name some pictures and answer questions about those pictures. You will then participate in three weeks of speech-language therapy to improve your picture naming.
Aphasia Friendly Study Description:
Inclusion / Exclusion Criteria:
You had a left hemisphere stroke at least 6 months ago. You have a diagnosis of aphasia. You are 18 years or older. You are comfortable communicating in English. You do not have any other neurological disorders (e.g., epilepsy). You do not have a neurodegenerative disease (e.g., Alzheimer's disease).
Principal Investigator:
Brielle Stark
Contact Email:
Observational or Treatment:
Type of Treatment:
Semantic Feature Analysis (for naming)
Duration of Study:
16 sessions, approximately 60-90 minutes per session, across 5 weeks (3 sessions per week)
Study Start Date:
January 1, 2022
Study End Date:
January 1, 2023
Costs or Reimbursement:
$15/hour with a gift card
IRB Approval #
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