Exploring the Impact of Caregiving on Friendships of Caregivers of Stroke Survivors with Aphasia

Study Description:
This project aims to better understand how caregiving impacts friendships of aphasia care partners over time, including the time before caregiving and during the acute and chronic stages of caregiving for their loved one with aphasia. This is a remote study and can be completed on a computer and smartphone. The first part of the study involves completing a survey about caregiving and friendship on the computer. The second, optional, part of the study involves using a free smartphone application for 14 days to take daily surveys that ask about what you are doing and how you are feeling.
Aphasia Friendly Study Description:
We want to know how a care partner's friendships might change over time and they feel about their friendships.
Inclusion / Exclusion Criteria:
To participate in the survey, a person needs to: · Identify as a caregiver or care partner to a person with aphasia · Be a caregiver for at least 6 months · Have access to a computer to complete Part 1 · Have access to a smartphone to complete Part 2 (optional)
Principal Investigator:
Elizabeth Madden
Contact Email:
Observational or Treatment:
Type of Treatment:
Duration of Study:
Completing Part 1 of the study (an online survey) will take approximately 45 minutes. If you choose to do Part 2 of the study, you will be in the study for two weeks and you will be asked to fill out up to 4 short surveys (about 2-3 minutes to complete) on your phone each day for 14 days.
Study Start Date:
July 1, 2022
Study End Date:
March 31, 2023
More information:
Costs or Reimbursement:
You will receive a $50 gift card for completing Part 1 of the study (one-time online survey), and a $100 gift card if you choose to complete Part 2 (phone surveys for 2 weeks). Gift cards are available for the first 100 participants.
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