Electrophysiological and Behavioral Investigation of Feedback-based Learning in Aphasia

Study Description:
We would like to understand how aphasia due to stroke affects skills that support learning. Understanding this may lead to improvements in aphasia treatment in the future. Participants will come to our lab at MGH Institute of Health Professions in the Charlestown Navy Yard (Boston). The study will involve: - Completing learning tasks on the computer. You will see and hear made up words and objects, press buttons, and answer questions - Measuring electrical activity in your brain using EEG while you learn - Completing tests of language and cognition
Aphasia Friendly Study Description:
Inclusion / Exclusion Criteria:
You are eligible to participate if you have aphasia due to a single left hemisphere stroke and speak English. You are not eligible to participate if you have history of neurologic disease other than aphasia.
Principal Investigator:
Sofia Vallila-Rohter
Contact Email:
Observational or Treatment:
Type of Treatment:
Duration of Study:
The study is completed over two sessions. Each session is about 2-3 hours long.
Study Start Date:
April 15, 2021
Study End Date:
April 14, 2022
More information:
Costs or Reimbursement:
Participants are paid $40 in gift cards. Parking at the nearby parking garage is reimbursed.
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